About Me

A mediated agreement that endures requires a safe container for the parties to express their needs and forge a direction.

David Pasikov Background

David Pasikov: mediator, coach, teacher, healer

I have a Master’s degree in Teaching and began my career as a science teacher in the inner city of Detroit.  Later, I helped found and became the Executive Director of a residential school for troubled teens in Canada.  I began my private practice as a therapist in 1990 and am a past president of the Colorado Association of Psychotherapists.

I began my Mediation training in 1994 through taking a course in Divorce Mediation through Colorado Mediation Associates.  I furthered my training in 2006 through completing the 40 hour Mediation course offered by the Colorado Bar Association.  In conjunction with a colleague who is an attorney, over the years I have assisted many couples to navigate through the challenges of divorce.  This has led to mediation work in the field of business partnership.  In recent years, I have had to face elder care issues within my own family and that has opened up an interest and specialization in the field of elder care mediation.

"Lasting change can occur rapidly with the right tools." Located in Boulder, Colorado. Serving clients from Lafayette, Louisville, Broomfield, Erie.